Asphalting in Novosibirsk Low prices! 61.44 ₸
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Asphalting in Novosibirsk Low prices!

Created: March 6 2022
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⚒ Without intermediaries. We work personally with the customer.
⚒ All kinds of work!
WARRANTY up to 7 years asphalt paving.

✅territories of business centers
✅warehouse areas
✅hypermarkets and TPK

✅ Integrated landscaping

✅ Asphalting roads

✅ Asphalting sites

✅ Asphalting of territories for various purposes:

✅ production sites and others

✅ Capital repairs of roads

✅ Road patching
💼 We hand over the object on time
Improvement of private territories ((asphalting, curb installation)) Everything is of high quality.
💼There is a discount for certain volumes.
Call to make an appointment, where we will make a full consultation at the facility and make an estimate ✍🏼 free of charge
Created: March 6 2022
Was online march 19 07:21
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61.44 ₸
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Was online march 19 07:21
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