Head of the company's product sales department 450 000 ₸

Head of the company's product sales department

Created: October 18 2022
Kind of work: Full time job 
Type of employment: Full-time work 
• general management of the sales department
• control over the implementation of the sales plan
• study of the goods market and activities of competitors, analysis of demand and consumption
• direct management of the work of the sales department employees (planning, organization, management, discipline control)
• coordination of work with other structural divisions of the Firm in accordance with established instructions and regulations
• identification of training needs
• participation in the development of motivational programs
• conducting commercial negotiations with key clients, representing the interests of the Firm
• higher or secondary specialized education
• experience in personnel management
• experience of personal successful sales
• experience in team management
• the skill of negotiating with the first persons
• ability to train sales managers
• Correct oral and written language
• strong leadership and communication skills
• official employment.
• work schedule 5/2, from 09:00 to 18:00.
• friendly and pleasant staff
Created: October 18 2022
Was online december 2 2022 08:25
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450 000 ₸
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Was online december 2 2022 08:25
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