Sales consultant 350 000 ₸

Sales consultant

Created: October 17 2022
Kind of work: Full time job 
Type of employment: Full-time work 
• advising clients on acquisition issues.
• implementation of sales activities for services in the Company.
• application of different ways of working with clients.
• participation in negotiations with new and existing clients, partner organizations, presentation of the Company's opportunities.
• Carrying out regular events aimed at maintaining the existing customer base (periodic mailing about ongoing promotions, etc.).
• Carrying out regular activities aimed at finding and attracting new customers (telephone calls, working with customer databases, etc.).
• participation in the preparation of sales plans, collection of information and marketing activities in accordance with the instructions of authorized persons, draws up and submits the necessary report;
• interaction and active cooperation with the corporate client manager
• providing the necessary reporting to the immediate supervisor
• education: higher, secondary technical;
• ability to work in programs word, excel, outlook;
• work experience in sales from 2 years;
• official registration
• corporate training
Created: October 17 2022
Was online december 2 2022 08:25
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350 000 ₸
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Was online december 2 2022 08:25
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